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Our Pledge:

We believe our country has an exceptional history with great stories to tell. One of the best ways to understand our historical past is to visit the very sites where these events occurred. Our mission is to offer tours that restore the importance of our American history and help you understand it better.

In 2009 Bruce and Lynne Venter formed a partnership with Dave and Mary Hinze under the banner of Stars & Stripes Events. Our goal was to offer tours that would satisfy history enthusiasts who wanted something new and unusual. Bruce and Dave had worked together for several years previous to Stars & Stripes Events. They had a tour chemistry that garnered high marks from participants who appreciated their friendly disagreements in order to present both sides of an argument.

Bruce and Lynne are dedicated to carrying on this venture, offering the same high-quality tours established before Dave’s untimely death in 2010. Returning customers should be assured that we’ve only changed our name. We pledge to continue providing the same personalized, history-packed tours, led by experienced tour guides and historians that you came to know with Stars & Stripes. Events

America’s History is dedicated to taking you on the “historic roads less traveled” where you’ll walk private battlefield property and visit historic buildings not normally opened to the public. Great debates, “what if” discussions, human interest stories and lots of fun are traditions we will continue at America’s History. These hallmark features of Stars & Stripes Events tours will be carried on faithfully under our new emblem.

In addition, we are also forging relationships with preservation groups and non-profit historic sites that will benefit all American history enthusiasts for years to come. To date, we have created funding opportunities for the Richmond Battlefield Association, Fort Ticonderoga Association and the Company of Military Historians. In 2011 we will be offering a tour that will financially benefit Pamplin Historical Park. We are committed to expanding our efforts to help history-oriented groups raise money to benefit and enrich your experiences. Your participation in our tours will help further this goal.

We are also dedicated to providing young people with an opportunity to learn more about our great history, well beyond what they learn from their school textbooks. Students under 19 years of age always come free on our America’s History tours when accompanied by an adult.

For details and to register for all our 2011 tours go to:

www.AmericasHistoryLLC.com or call 1-855-OURHISTORY (687-4478) anytime.

Don’t let someone else tell you what you missed!

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