Forging Heroes: Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen and the Revolutionary War in New York – July 27-30, 2016

Wednesday,  July 27, 2016 (7pm) to Saturday, July 30 (5pm)

Headquarters: Lake George, NY

Led by: James Kirby Martin and Bruce Venter

Registration Fee: $495

Forging_HeroesOur tour this summer will continue the study of Benedict Arnold as one of the foremost combat commanders of the Revolutionary War. Last year we investigated Arnold’s career in Connecticut as both a patriot and a traitor. This year’s tour will follow his career in the first two years of the war when he excelled on land and water. We will also learn about his enterprising relationship with the wily Ethan Allen during their joint venture to capture Fort Ticonderoga and how he handled Horatio Gates when he served under the Northern army commander on two separate occasions during the war.

Our first day will start in Bennington, Vermont where will see the sites associated with Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold as the plot to capture Fort Ticonderoga unfolds. From Bennington we’ll trace the march of the Green Mountain Boys through what was called the “Hampshire Grants” at the time. Hand’s Cove, the jump off spot for Allen, Arnold and their men on Lake Champlain, is on private property but America’s History has made special arrangements for you to walk to this historic site. We will then cross to the New York side of the lake and follow Allen and Arnold’s attack on the fort. There will be time to visit Fort Ticonderoga’s museum which has a new exhibit this year on 18th century artillery.

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Sullivan’s Campaign Against the Iroquois in 1779 – August 24-27, 2016

Wednesday,  August 24, 2016 (7:30pm) to Saturday, August 27, 2016 (5:00pm)

Headquarters: Victor, NY

Led by: Glenn Williams

Registration Fee: $475

Sullivan's_Campaign_against_the_Iroquois_1779The Sullivan-Clinton campaign against the Iroquois in 1779 has been described as implementing a “scorched earth” policy for no useful purpose other than eradicating Indians, or a failed attempt to capture Fort Niagara. No campaign of the American War for Independence has been more inaccurately described or remains more controversial than the Continental Army’s invasion of the Iroquois Confederacy in 1779.  This tour is designed to follow the main effort of that offensive as conducted by troops commanded by Major General John Sullivan. Sullivan’s troops took the war to the very heart of the territory controlled by the Six Nations of Iroquois who had allied themselves with the British Crown.  At the tour’s end you’ll decide if the campaign was a success or a well-executed failure.

On our first day will travel to the Gonandagan State Historic Site with its reconstructed Iroquois longhouse – near Victor – where we will focus on the political and military structure of the Six Nations, the decision of four of them to side with the British and two to become allies of the United States, with a resulting civil war. We will also stop at Verona Beach State Park where Wood Creek empties into Lake Oneida to discuss Colonel Goose Van Schaick’s expedition and attack on Onondaga in April 1779. We’ll visit Brewerton in Cicero, site of a former French and Indian War fort where patriot troops land before marching cross-country to Lake Onondaga and finally, Pompey at the site of an Onondaga Town that existed prior to the 18th century.

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Burgoyne’s 1777 Campaign: The Battles at Saratoga – September 23, 2016

Friday,  September 23, 2016 (8:00am to 5:00pm)

Tour leaves the Fort Ticonderoga parking lot at 8am

Led by: Eric Schnitzer and Bruce Venter

Registration Fee: $125

Battles_at_Saratoga-092316America’s History is proud to continue its partnership with Fort Ticonderoga by again offering a special one-day Revolutionary War tour. This tour will complete Burgoyne’s 1777 campaign by concentrating on the battles at Saratoga. Led by Eric Schnitzer, historian at the Saratoga National Historical Park and Bruce Venter, we will spend the entire day on the battlefield exploring the first battle at Freeman’s Farm, the second battle at the Wheatfield, Burgoyne’s fortifications, Gates’ line at Bemis Heights, the surrender area and much more. One of the foremost experts of the Saratoga campaign, Eric Schnitzer, will review the strategy and tactics of the opposing leaders in a comprehensive narration, including some new information on Arnold’s conduct based on a recently discovered letter written by an officer serving in the American army. This is a rare opportunity to understand the actions at Saratoga from a leading authority on the campaign. We will return to Fort Ticonderoga in time for you to attend the opening session of Fort Ticonderoga’s American Revolution Seminar.

Tour Registration fee: $125.00

What’s included: Motor coach transportation, lunch, snack and beverage breaks, all admissions and gratuities, a map and materials package and the services of two tour leaders selected for their knowledge and expertise.

Our Tour Leaders: Eric Schnitzer has been a park ranger/historian for 20 years at the Saratoga National Historical Park and has lectured frequently on the Northern Campaign. He is also a military artist and serves in a British re-enacting unit. Dr. Bruce M. Venter, president of America’s History, LLC is an experienced tour leader of the Revolutionary War period. He is the author of The Battle of Hubbardton: The Rear Guard Action that Saved America.

Other important information: The bus will leave the main parking lot of Fort Ticonderoga at 8:00 a.m. and return by 5:00 p.m. Tour goes out rain or shine. To attend the American Revolution Seminar, you must register directly with Fort Ticonderoga. [Read more…]

The Swamp Fox Rides Again: Francis Marion’s War in South Carolina – October 27-30, 2016

Thursday,  October 27, 2016 (7pm) to Sunday, October 30, 2016 (5pm)

Led by: Charles B. Baxley

HQ: Georgetown, SC

Registration Fee: $495

Swamp_Fox_Rides_AgainMany of us will remember the stirring adventures of the “Swamp Fox” portrayed by Leslie Neilson in Walt Disney’s episodic series in the late 1950’s. Again in 2000, Mel Gibson starred in a fictionalized version of a composite Swamp Fox character in the movie “The Patriot.” The real Swamp Fox story, however, is even more exciting than either of its modern day adaptations.

Our tour will focus on the military career and partisan exploits of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, a true American hero who challenged the might of the British army in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War with a few loyal men, along with a hearty supply of guts and guile.

On Thursday evening we’ll have a “meet and greet” to distribute name badges and a map package. Your guide, Charles Baxley, will provide an introductory talk on South Carolina in the American Revolution.

On Friday we will take a tour to Marion sites in and around the historic district Georgetown, South Carolina. After lunch, we will take a boat trip with the tidal flow down the Pee Dee River to see the relics of the Southern rice culture and to retrace Gen. Marion’s and Lt. Col. “Light Horse Harry” Lee’s January 1781 raid on Georgetown. [Read more…]

Kill Jeff Davis: The Union Raid on Richmond, 1864 (Campaigns and Commanders Series)

The ostensible goal of the controversial Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid on Richmond (February 28–March 3, 1864) was to free some 13,000 Union prisoners of war held in the Confederate capital. But orders found on the dead body of the raid’s subordinate commander, Colonel Ulric Dahlgren, point instead to a plot to capture or kill Confederate president Jefferson Davis and set Richmond ablaze. What really happened, and how and why, are debated to this day. Kill Jeff Davis offers a fresh look at the failed raid and mines newly discovered documents and little-known sources to provide definitive answers. [Read more…]

Sally Gets to Run around Hatcher’s Run Battlefield


Sally Seddon

We had a rare opportunity on Saturday to see the newly acquired land purchased by the Civil War Trust at Hatcher’s Run. This special Sesquicentennial event was made possible by Will Greene and the Pamplin Historical Park staff. The land at Hatcher’s Run is not yet open to the public, but PHP members were invited to walk the lines with Ed Alexander, a ranger historian at PHP. Of course, our beagle, Sally Seddon was anxious to experience another battle walk and add Hatcher’s Run to the long list of battlefields and forts she has visited—her list stands at 58.

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4th Annual Conference of the American Revolution – PAST TOUR

Friday, March 20 (7pm) – Sunday, March 22 (Noon)

Colonial Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel

Williamsburg, Virginia

Conference Package: $225

American Revolution Conference

Edward G. Lengel, Head of Faculty: “Enigmatic Warrior: Light-Horse harry Lee at the Battle of Eutaw Springs”

Rick Atkinson: “Bringing Back the Dead: History, Memory, and Writing About War”

John “Jack” Buchanan: “ ‘A Great and Good Man’: Nathanael Greene and the Road to Charleston”

Don Hagist: “The Revolution’s Last Men: The Soldiers behind the Photographs”

James Kirby Martin: “The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King: George Washington and the Newburgh Conspiracy”

Holly Mayer: “Command and Control of congress’s Own: Hazen’s 2nd Canadian Regiment”

Andrew Jackson O’Shaughnessy: “Hot Weather and Heavy Casualties: The Revolutionary War in the Caribbean”

Julia Anne Osman: “From Greatest Enemies to Greatest Allies: France and America in the War for Independence”

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Victory at Yorktown – May 28, 2015 – PAST TOUR

Thursday, May 28, 8am to 5pm

Leaving from the Omni Hotel – Richmond, Virginia

Our Tour Leaders: Edward G. Lengel, William Welsch and Bruce Venter

Registration Fee: $145

American Revolution Conference 2America’s History’s fifth tour for the Company of Military Historians will focus on Virginia’s major Revolutionary War campaign: General George Washington’s victory over Lt. Gen. Charles Lord Cornwallis’s British army at Yorktown in October 1781. We have enlisted an award-winning author and historian as part of our tour team. Edward G. Lengel is editor-in-chief of the Papers of George Washington Project at the University of Virginia and author of three books on Washington, including the highly acclaimed General George Washington: A Military Biography. He will be joined by Bill Welsch, an author and popular Revolutionary War tour leader; some members will remember Bill as the leader our Trenton tour in 2011. Bruce Venter, president of America’s History, LLC, a Company member and author of The Battle of Hubbardton: The Rear Guard Action that Saved America (2015) will provide the British side of the story.

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Patriot & Traitor: Benedict Arnold in Connecticut – July 22 to 25, 2015 – PAST TOUR

Wednesday, July 22 (7:30pm) – Saturday, July 25 (5 pm)

Led by James Kirby Martin and Bruce Venter

HQ: Meriden, CT

Reserve a room at the Holiday Inn Express by June 22 for special rates

Conference Package: $495

Patriot-and-TraitorPerhaps no American historical figure evokes more controversy than Benedict Arnold. He was the hero of the Revolutionary War’s greatest battle, Saratoga and three years later America’s first and most famous traitor. Indeed, he was an intricate character.

We have designed this unique America’s History tour to be able to show you two sides of this enigmatic personality. By focusing on Connecticut, we will be able to reveal Benedict Arnold as a merchant and budding military leader, a patriot who fought the British during the Danbury raid and, finally, as a traitor who in a red-coated uniform led Crown forces in a mean-spirited raid on New London. We are fortunate to have the country’s foremost Arnold biographer leading our tour.

Our first day will focus on Benedict Arnold as a patriot home on leave visiting his family in New Haven, who joined forces with Brig. Gen. David Wooster and local Connecticut militia men to fight a British raiding party bent on destroying rebel stockpiles in Danbury in April 1777. We will follow the British landing at Compo Beach in Westport to the first engagement between Williams Tryon’s 1,800 Crown troops and patriot militia. We will pass Christ Church along the British route, then make a stop at Putnam Memorial Park, a 1778 American winter encampment named for Connecticut’s other famous Revolutionary War general. We will stop at three sites of engagement near Ridgefield where patriot forces confronted Tryon’s men making their way back to the coast from Danbury. During these fights, Wooster was mortally wounded and Arnold had a horse shot from under him. Arnold tried to block the British retreat at Ridgefield, but Tryon managed to sidestep the American position and escape back to their waiting ships.

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Stonewall Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley – September 9 to 12, 2015

Wednesday, September 9 (7pm) to Saturday, September 12 (5pm)

Headquarters – Harrisonburg, Virginia

Our Tour Leader:  A. Wilson “Will Greene

Registration Fee: $495

Stonewall_Jackson_Shenandoah_ValleyFor over 150 years, military leaders and historians have studied the strategy and tactics practiced by Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson in his classic 1862 Shenandoah Valley campaign. Civil War enthusiasts have been intrigued with Jackson’s movements for many years, making the battle sites of the spring months of 1862 legendary. Our tour will examine the battlefields associated with Jackson’s Valley campaign in-depth for three full days.

On our first day we will start at Kernstown, the site of Jackson’s defeat at the hands of Union forces. This reversal steeled Jackson’s determination to redeem his reputation as well as Confederate fortunes in the Shenandoah. We will follow up Kernstown with visits to Front Royal and First Winchester where Jackson won back to back victories over Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Banks in a matter of days.On our second day, we will visit Staunton, West View, Shenandoah Mountain and McDowell

On our second day, we will visit Staunton, West View, Shenandoah Mountain and McDowell

On our final day we will visit the site of two other Jackson battlefields at Cross Keys and Port Republic in June 1862. These twin victories prevented Federal forces from combining, compelling them to withdraw from the Valley.

Registration Fee: $495.00

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