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We are very proud of the tours and conferences America’s History, LLC has offered over the years. While we can’t print every testimonial submitted on the evaluation forms, we think the comments listed below are representative of the high quality people can expect to experience when choosing one of our tours or conferences.

-Lynne and Bruce Venter

3rd Annual Conference on the American Revolution in Williamsburg, Virginia 

“If you are interested in the American Revolution this is a must conference!”

Don Gehring, Ocean, New Jersey 

“If you want to expand your knowledge of history you need to know America’s History LLC. Program and tours are educational and enjoyable. Highly recommend”

Mark Devecchis  McClure, Pennsylvania

“An excellent conference. This is my first conference and I feel like I’ve found my tribe.”

George Reasor, Rural Retreat, Virginia

“A who’s who of revolutionary war authorship”

T. Donald Newton, McKeesport, Pennsylvania

“So many people with a real passion for the American Revolution in one room – the perfect weekend!!! Huzzah!!

Larry Dexter. Phoenix, Arizona

“A most engaging, entertaining, and surprisingly energetic event. Simply an unparalleled forum for accessing and expanding the body of knowledge on the topic.”

Kevin McQueary. Lithia, Florida

“This is a very professionally run symposium, yet full of fun and good humor. I highly recommend it.”

Phil Weaver, Highland, New York

“America’s History provides conference participants with rich and varied discussions of topics that continue to resonate.”

Michael Dolan, Washington D.C. – Senior Editor World War II Magazine

2nd Annual Conference on the American Revolution: March 22 – 24, 2013

“This was my first experience with America’s History, but it will be far from my last! It was amazing to see real historians at work!”

David Malinsky, New York City

“I have been to several symposiums and tours and they have been first- rate – every time. The speakers are excellent and tour leaders are not only experts, but able to communicate well.”

Mike Wolf, New York City

“I’ll Be Back!!!”

Woody Childs, Richmond, VA

Antietam: The Bloodiest Day of the Civil War: April 18, 2013

“Excellent overview of Antietam Battlefield and surrounding area”.

Dan Smuro, New Jersey

“Very clear and highly informed presentation – knowledge in both breath and width made very accessible and enjoyable. The presentation of the battlefield itself brought it into clear relief.”

Howard Simmons, United Kingdom

“What a great way to spend the day!.” “You keep hitting home runs!”

Sandy Goss, Williamsburg, VA

Great Commander Series: Lee vs. Grant in the Overland Campaign of 1864: June 12, – 15, 2013

“This tour not only showed me things I had not previously seen, but brought many things I had previously seen and read about into focus. A great experience!

Alex Taylor, Landing, NJ

“Observing the tangle of the Wilderness, being on the site of Emory Upton’s charge at the Spotsylvania Salient, learning about redoubts and traverses, maps were very understandable and I felt comfortable asking naive questions.”

Bob Gaza, Newark, IL

“There are some battlefields that you can tour on your own. The battlefields covered in the Lee vs. Grant in the Overland Campaign of 1864 are not in that category. I have done them “on my own”, but Wilson Greene was excellent! He put everything in perspective. I now feel very comfortable as I read more about these battles. I plan to take my grandson on future tours.”

Thomas Murphy, Valparaiso, IN

Defending the Highlands: the Hudson Valley in the Revolutionary War: August 22 – 24, 2013

“You guys really know how to run a tour!!!!”

Bob Barth, Somerville, New Jersey

“Tour leaders well informed on subject matter with the ability to communicate and relate to the audience.”

Jim Kennedy, Brooklyn, NY

George Washington and Braddock’s Campaign to Fort Duquesne: September 11 – 14, 2013

‘’Another Outstanding Tour!”

Carl Tiska, Newport, RI

“One of the very best!” Wealth of knowledge is huge, presented well and with humor”

Mike Wolf, New York City

“On the Braddock tour, I was eagerly looking forward to the next day’s events.”

Bob Wong, Basking Ridge, NJ

“I enjoyed the tour a lot. It was an opportunity to learn about a historical subject that I had not studied and….. I met some fun historical buffs.”

C. Michael Briggs, North Carolina

Burgoyne’s Campaign of 1777: The Early Stages: September 20, 2013

“Our tour leader was exceptionally well informed and spoke equally well. He was without a doubt one of the very best tour guides I have ever had. I would be happy to do another tour next year!”

Jaqueline Wren, Fairlee, VT

“I plan on attending other tours. This is exactly what an academic and history buff loves to do.”

Shelly Fischer ,California

“America’s History LLC tours truly represent a step back in time; but one in which you are accompanied by a guide who knows the way!”

John and Jean Roccio, Beverly, MA

“Well worth the time and money spent!”

Donald D. Gehring, Ocean, NJ

Nathan Bedford Forest in Western Tennessee, September 25 – 28, 2013

“I have now completed several tours with America’s History and I have never been disappointed. Great tours, great organization. Highly Recommend!!!”

Charlie Townsley, Elkton, MD

“Bruce cares a lot about his tour people and his labor of love of history really shows thru”

Steve Pyle, Neveda, MO

Driving Dixie Down: The Stoneman Raid of 1865: November 1 – 2, 2013 

“Their tours are always interesting and informative. You will have a good time!”

Frank C. Roberts, Stockbridge GA

“History is better understood by following it, rather than in a classroom with a quiz about minutiae!!!!!!”

Bill Farrell, Hendersonville, NC

“A great tour company. Bruce is a very nice man!”

Edward Clement, Little River, SC

Conference on the American Revolution in Williamsburg Virginia March 23 -24, 2012

“It is unusual for a symposium like this to bat 1,000 in its presentations, but this did, 6 for 6. Outstanding speakers! Plus all the arrangements, food, hotel, keeping to schedule: perfect.”

Mike Wolf, New York

“Without a doubt this was the best historical conference I’ve ever attended! When it comes to history no one does it better than American History LLC!”

Sandy Goss, Virginia

“The conference on the American Revolution was an excellent program. Excellent presenters who kept the subjects fresh and entertaining.”

James Atwater, Virginia

Forts, Fights and Frigates: the war of 1812 in Maryland, April 19, 2012

“Makes history fun!”

Carol Grutzmacher, California

“A well-organized tour which covered an important but lesser known aspect of the 1812 war. Excellent tour leader with helpful and informative packets. Great lunch and refreshments.”

Howard Simmons, United Kingdom

“A most informative, interesting and inspiring tour performed by enthusiastic and consummate professionals providing for a challenging and totally enjoyable experience.”

Carolyn Freckleton, Australia

“Well organized tour – Always fun tours.”

Robert Kotchian, California

Bombs Bursting in Air: The War of 1812 in Virginia and Maryland, June 13 – 16, 2012

“An outstanding tour that taught one a great deal about our forgotten War.”

Dan Lynn, Virginia

General John Burgoyne and the Battles at Saratoga, July 13, 2012 for the New York State Bar Association

‘’I was very impressed – detailed information about the battle, plus just enough big picture/political context to explain why the fight occurred. Excellent Tour!!!”

Dan Ross, New York

‘’If you would like to learn what you failed to learn in High School about American History I would strongly recommend this tour!!!”

Mary Ann Aiello, New York

‘’Excellent tour! Extremely knowledgeable and affable tour director, good food, very nice bus, highly recommend it’’

Barry Sziklay, New York

Burgoyne’s Saratoga Campaign of 1777, September 12 – 15, 2012

This tour makes Military History come alive! You are there! The tour leaders provide the level of detail not found in the Historical Records.”

William E.W. Keish, Virginia

“I would recommend this tour company to anyone who truly loves history!”

Pat Niles, New York

“A very well-prepared history presentation packed with information and fascinating visits to important, evocative sites, some of these passed over by others.”

Austin Chinn, Vermont

“Great tour – well-chosen and sequenced site visits with excellent preparatory narrative combined with in depth on site narrative made the Battle of Saratoga virtually come alive

Ed Linville, New York

Nathan Bedford Forest in Middle Tennessee, September 5 – 8, 2012

“Excellent tour! Very knowledgeable historians. America’s History is the best!!! 5 stars!”

Charlie Townsley, Maryland

Custer in Kansas Tour, October 10 – 13, 2012

“Knowing very little about Custer and Hancock I came away with a lot of history between the civil war and Custer’s Last Stand. Bob O’Neill brought together the reasons for the campaign and the failures that happened and why they did. The best thing about the tour was all of the out the way places and sites we got to see.”

Steve Pyle, Missouri

Vicksburg Campaign Tour, October 24 – 27, 2012

“Outstanding tour!!! Historian Will Greene lifted “The fog of war” in describing troop movements and battles involved with the Vicksburg Campaign. America’s History LLC is top Notch. Five Stars.”

Charlie Townsley, Maryland

“I have never been disappointed in any of Bruce’s tours. Would recommend these to anyone interested in history.”

Steve Pyle, Missouri

“America’s History offers so many diverse tours that it is very hard to select only 1 or 2 to attend!”

Bob Wong, New Jersey

“Will Greene provided a wonderful Vicksburg tour: both entertaining and packed with a depth of information to satisfy serious students.”

Alex Taylor, New Jersey

Great Commander Series – Green vs. Cornwallis, October 31 – November 3, 2012

“Wonderful, informative experience.”

Curtis Morgan, Virginia

“America’s History tours are beautifully run, very professional, informative and engaging – they are an education.”

Austin Chinn, Vermont

Washington’s Winter Surprise: the Battle of Trenton in Depth – April 28, 2011

“Well researched, well prepared, very organized and interesting subject.”

William H. Pritchard, Massachusetts 

“A very well organized and professional tour delivered with energy, insight and good humor. The chance to relive history with passion and excitement.”

Howard Simmons, United Kingdom

“America’s History tours are excellent and well run with informed and interesting historians sharing their knowledge enroute and in the museums visited.”

Mike and Marita Gill, Melbourne, Australia

Blackbeard and the Pyrates of the Chesapeake, June 1 – 4, 2011

“Well organized and very professional learning experience, Thanks.”

Jim Ullman, Williamsburg, Virginia

Fredericksburg, June 22 – 25, 2011

“ Frank O’Reilly is amazing! He not only makes the tour fun, but also makes you think and evaluate and then understand the actions of those who fought.”

Don Swanson, Arizona

“Frank O’Reilly was absolutely terrific. His knowledge, willingness to answer questions and ability to tell the story of Fredericksburg was the absolute best!”

Karl Fredericks, Florida

Leather stocking Tales: The Real Historic Sites of James Fenimore Cooper’s Novels, July 6-9, 2011

‘’Bruce makes the tours fun and informative, and he brings along great experts to supplement his own treasure trove of historical information. You will not be sorry you signed up.”

Michael Mulqueen, New York

“The Leatherstocking history tour provided a rare opportunity to combine history with literature in exploring the picturesque sites of some of James Fenimore Cooper’s finest novels. Our two highly knowledgeable tour leaders vividly re-created the scenes that were so dramatic in Cooper’s The Spy, The Last of the Mohicans and The Deerslayer. One takes away from the tour experience a deeper understanding of the values that motivated America’s frontiersmen.

As a personal aside, Laura and I both think the personal touch of Bruce and Wayne [Franklin] is what made the trip so special.”

Mel Bernstein, Massachusetts

Pontiac’s Rebellion in Western Pennsylvania and New York, August 24 – 27, 2011

“Very informative and interesting for all levels of expertise.”

James Kennedy, New York

“With an interest in the 1763 Pontiac Rebellion and with an intention to visit some of the smaller sites, it was imperative to me upon learning of America’s History to attend this tour. The tour guides were able to provide a wealth of knowledge about the battles, ambushes and skirmishes and to explain the circumstances in which they were fought, including how the fortifications and topography have been altered in the last 250 years. Extremely knowledgeable and more importantly, approachable. Full marks”.

Larry Giesbrecht, Canada

“The Regulars are Coming”: Boston, Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, September 14 – 17, 2011

“Bruce Venter and his tour guides provide a special experience on all of the tours. We have the opportunity to visit sites on his tours that would not be available to us if traveling alone. It is both a rewarding, intellectual and fun experience”.

Midge and Pete Seibert, Massachusetts

“The tour was excellent – because of historians such as Bill Welch and Bruce Venter. I now have a better understanding of this part of the war”.

John Swokla, New Jersey

“A great exposure to American History. To visit the sites where important events actually took place”!

Frank Roberts, Georgia

“There is always a collection of historical nuggets you manage to uncover for us. It’s tremendous from start to finish. Keep up the Great work”!

Sandy and Susan Goss, Virginia

Shiloh and Corinth – A Comprehensive Walking Tour, October 5 – 8, 2011

“One of the best tours I’ve participated in. The organization, logistics and technical/historic explanations were excellent!”

Bill Bernstein, California

“I finally made it to a very comprehensive, detailed tour of Shiloh, with Corinth and Davis Bridge. Bonus….Will Greene was a thorough, comprehensive and friendly historian. The schedule, snacks, meals and accommodations were ideal. My specific interests (63 Ohio) were thoroughly covered.”

Frank Kendrick, California

“Everything went smoothly and I learned more than all my previous self-guided tours to Shiloh/Corinth combined”

Matt Grady, Illinois


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