The first tour with America’s History LLC has come and gone!

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Bruce Venter

We conducted our first tour of the season, our first tour as America’s History, LLC in fact, on April 28. “Washington’s Winter Surprise” was an in-depth look at the battle of Trenton. We had 29 on the bus which made it an auspicious start.

All our evaluations were great and Bill Welsch, our tour leader and historian wowed participants with his knowledge of the battle and the environs of Trenton. Marita Gill of Melbourne, Australia wrote,

“America’s History tours are excellent and well run, with informed and interesting historians sharing their knowledge enroute and in the museums visited.”

The only bad marks were attributed to Mother Nature. We had a heavy down pour at the Trenton Battle Monument but it cleared just long enough for shutter bugs to get some pictures of the monument. Our driver, Jesse Philpott of Stagecoach Charter Lines left our clients in awe as he wheeled around a big, shiny black 55-passenger coach bus thru some very narrow streets in New Jersey’s capital.

We had participants from all over the country, including California, Nebraska, Washington State, New York and New England, plus some international visitors from Australia, Canada and Great Britain. Many enjoyed the fact that America’s History arranged for Harry Kels Swan to be present when we visited New Jersey’s Washington’s Crossing visitor’s center because part of Mr. Swan’s collection of Revolutionary War militaria is housed at the visitor’s center. It was a rare treat which everyone appreciated. No one left hungry from our lunch at the Revere Restaurant.

We planned this tour in conjunction with the Company of Military Historians’ annual conference which was being held that week near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. We established a relationship with the Company last year and I think this year’s successful tour proves that it is a worthwhile venture for both of us. I heard from several Company officers that feedback was excellent regarding our Trenton tour. In addition, America’s History donated a tour to the CMH which they raffled off as a fund raiser. It’s was a win/win situation for both AH and the CMH.

Join us for “Blackbeard and the Pirates of Chesapeake” coming up June 1-4 in Chesapeake, VA and Beaufort, NC.  John V. Quarstein will be leading the tour. To get details and register, visit the tour page.

~Bruce Venter

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