Finance Can be Fun and a Journey through History

Bruce Venter

Bruce Venter

Welcome to a New Year at America’s History LLC.

The General is busy working on a marketing plan with the University of Oklahoma Press for his Kill Jeff Davis book. He is trying to persuade the university to provide a bus for the book tour! Those of you, who know the General, know this is written in jest, well sort of!!!!!! But he is consumed with the requirements from the University and on a deadline to complete so it is up to me to keep you informed on what is happening with America’s History.

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We Begin Again From The VP

Bruce Venter

Bruce Venter

As you can see, the General has been very busy (finishing two books for publication in 2015) and not able to attend properly to his blog.  REALLY!!!!!! Three years Bruce?

This was brought to Bruce’s attention on several occasions by good friend and fellow historian Bob O’Neill, who happens to enjoy reading blogs.   Why advertise a blog on our website and not update it?  Excellent point Bob!!!!

Timing is everything!  It came up for discussion at Bob and Teresa’s house a few weeks ago right after the final tour of the year, Mosby’s  Confederacy led by Horace Mewborn and Bob. Thank you Bob and Teresa for giving us that wonderful respite. It was rough getting out of Northern Virginia by car and how welcome was the sight of your fortress near the Rappahannock.

And so it is the right time, the perfect time, to reflect on the past year and thank all our participants and historians for a most amazing year. The right time to do our best to keep communication on the General’s Blog current and reach out those who share with us a love of America’s history.

When we walk in the footsteps of the men and women who made history, we honor them.

Please come back to the General’s blog for more highlights of our 2014 tour season.

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